managing your online shop (wp-ecommerce)

Managing your WordPress online shop using the wp-ecommerce plugin. Here’s the quick start guide to get the money flowing.

Where do I manage my online shop?online shop management

After login into the admin area, you find your shop management on the left-hand side named ‘Products’.


All transactions that take place on your online shop. Search and filter options and download transaction results as a CSV file (for importing into spreadsheets and other databases – if you want). The ‘Details’ link will open a page detailing the order, customer information, etc.

Transaction Status

  • Order Received – an order was created but IPN (PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification) has either not gone through, or the user cancelled the order (most likely). If you use PayPal as payment gateway, and a customer goes through to the payment screen, but backs out at that point the order will show as Order Received. Store owners using PayPal must manually verify the payment.
  • Accepted Payment – an order was created and IPN/Gateway (PayPal) has accepted the payment (money should be in your account).
  • Job Dispatched – an order was created, payment was accepted (no gateways will mark your order as job dispatched, this is an option you manually can select to email your customer with a tracking ID – from your postage system).
  • Closed Order – an order was created, payment was accepted, products to be shipped have been shipped away, so you can (manually) mark the order as closed.


If you have multiple transactions with the same details the chances are that user started a transaction, got to the gateway (PayPal) and decided to change either their cart contents or billing information, hence you may have multiple Order Received and one Accepted Payment.


Add and edit products. The left column lists the products and the right column contains all fields for entering/editing product details.

edit products menu

Product fields

  • Product name – make sure the product name is unique, since this is the identifying information you’ll receive when your customer places an order.
  • Product description –  this is the description of the product.
  • Additional description –  this will be in a collapsed area called ‘more details’ (or displayed directly when on single product page).
  • Product tags – n/r
  • Select categories/brands –  Choose which categories and/or brands your product should be listed under. You may choose as many as you like. The product will not be visible if it is not in at least one category.
  • Price and stock control – n/r
  • Shipping Details – n/r (are set in the shop settings)
  • Variation Control – if the product has any variation sets, such as colour or size, you can add them here. Note that you can set different prices for the different variations.
  • Advanced Options – n/r
  • Product Images – choose ‘Select Files’ to upload a product image. It will be added to the uploads directory and a thumbnail will automatically be generated.
  • Product Download – if you are selling a digital product


A way to organize your product catalogue into manageable divisions.


Variations are things that can vary in a single product. Different sizes (small, medium and large) for example. You can add more than one set of variations (e.g. colours as well as sizes) to your product if needed.


wp-ecommerce coupon screenshot

  • Coupons – set up discount codes that people can enter on your checkout page. These discounts will subtract the discount amount from their shopping cart accordingly.
  • Marketing Settings – n/r
  • RSS Address – n/r
This Quick Start Guide is written for WordPress ecommerce websites developed by Good Websites. For additional settings please check the plugin homepage or leave a comment below.

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  1. Yvonne,

    informative post – thank you
    I have been struggling with the wp e-commerce plugin for days now. Do you know how to get a download link to appear on the transaction results page after payment through paypal? I set it up with paypal, which is creating an identity token for me, but still, no download link appears on the transaction results page. (I am trying to sell downloadable mp3’s). Thank you so much for taking the time to help with this. No one on the web seems to have full instructions for wp e-commerce.

  2. Erwin,

    Hi Yvonne – sorry haven’t set wp e-commerce for downloadable products yet. have a browse through the forum (if you haven’t done already). will do some testing soon and post my findings…

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