Good Websites, probably the best Web Design Company in Tauranga

Based in Tauranga (NZ), Good Websites specializes in web design, web maintenance and web marketing projects with emphasis on web standards, cross browser accessibility and functionality.

Basically it comes to that I like to build web sites. Nice websites. Web sites that fulfill their purpose. And support companies with maintaining and market their website.

what can I do for you?

Anything that has to do with websites and the internet. That’s what I can do for you. I would love to build your website. I can maintain your website. And I would be pleased to market your website. The three steps for a successful online presence.

Already got a website? But not 100% satisfied with the looks? I would love to redesign your website.

Why me?

I love to make nice websites. I’ve got an eye for detail. A questioning mind. A positive vision. A pursuit for perfectionism. A love for the internet. A splash of creativity. And did I mention that I love to make websites?

Get in touch?

Please feel free to ask any enquiries, just get in touch and I´ll come back to you as soon as possible.