Website design

Building beautiful websites using WordPress, the most popular content management system available.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a so-called Content Management System (CMS). It gives you easy access to update the website content yourself without the need for any coding knowledge. With over 40% of all the websites on the internet running on WordPress, it is the most used content management system.

WordPress gives your business the proper website foundation. It is robust, full of features, and super user-friendly. It allows your website to scale with your business. It’s a perfect fit for small business websites. But it also gives you the ability to implement new features if needed, such as e-commerce, member’s area, lead generation, news articles, events, and much more.

web design

Excellence in WordPress Website Design, Development, and Ongoing Support.

Website design

We custom design your WordPress website. We don’t work with purchased WordPress themes. Each project is custom-designed and developed. Starting by listening to your needs. These needs are then translated into sketches where styles are explored, colour schemes, fonts, imagery, and layouts. Which eventually are developed into a perfect website design.

Website development

This is where we start using the power of WordPress and start coding the website. We can make WordPress do anything you need it to do. We can create a fully customised back-end to optimise the content loading and integrate technologies, workflows, and third-party services if required.

Ongoing Support

When a project is finished, it’s just the beginning of the relationship. We train you and your staff how to use the website and all the features we built into it. And we’ll keep WordPress and the plugins used updated to the latest versions. Support is always available by phone, email, or in person.

WordPress Specialised Website Hosting

We use WordPress specialised hosting to ensure your website is blazing fast and secure and provide ongoing support with our WordPress Maintenance Plan.

Website hosting

Faster, Safer, Smarter. Boost Your Website’s Performance with Our Specialised Hosting.

Blazing Fast Speed

Our hosting server is specifically tuned for WordPress, ensuring sure you’ll get crazy fast load times (a Google ranking factor).

SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption (website security and, again, a Google ranking factor) comes with every website!

Nightly Backups

Backups are a must-have for every website. Rest easy, knowing we backup your website every night. Backups are stored off-site (extra security) and run at server level, so no clunky backup plugin.

Rock-solid Security

Websites are monitored 24/7, which protects your website from potential security threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring a smooth operation.

Limited Login Attempts

Brute force attacks (guessing your username and password by hackers) are one of the most common ways attackers gain access to websites. We protect your website against this by blocking multiple failed login attempts, meaning malicious users will never get inside.

Intelligent IP blocking

Intelligent IP blocking on our hosting security system detects hackers and stops them before they even try to attack your website.

Staging Areas

Doing test runs on a live website is never a good idea. We do any changes to your website first on our local development server and push these to a safe staging/preview environment for you to check and, when we’re ready, move these to the live website with a single click.

Global CDN with full-page Caching

When someone visits your website, our CDN (Content Delivery Network) loads the website from whichever server is geographically closest to the visitor. And, unlike traditional CDNs that only cache site assets (*.css, *.js, etc.), our CDN offers full-page caching, which loads your website even faster (which makes Google super happy)!

Reliable Email Delivery | SMTP server

For improved deliverability, we’re using a separate SMTP server for sending emails from the website (e.g. your contact form enquiries). Using an SMTP server will prevent your emails from going into the junk/spam folder.

Website Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Can you host my existing website?

We understand that our hosting plan and WordPress maintenance are exactly what you’re looking for for your website. But we only host websites built by Good Websites. Although, sometimes, we do take over other websites hosting. So feel free to ask. However, there is usually some extra work involved converting your website to our coding and plugin standards.

What about email? Is that included?

We do not host email (accounts) on our server. Why not? Well, we believe strongly in working with ‘best of breed’ providers for everything we do. So, instead of hosting email, we focus on providing the best WordPress hosting. For email, we suggest Google Workspace or Office 365.

Can I keep my own hosting?

Sure you can! Although we do recommend our hosting setup up, you can choose or keep your own hosting company. We’re flexible and can work with almost any hosting company.

What about domain names?

Yes, we do register domain names (e.g. and take care of the annual renewals for you as well. We’ll register domain names in your name; you will be the legal owner.

WordPress Maintenance

One thing we see time over time is that most problems start with neglecting regular updates to the WordPress core, plugins and themes. When websites are not looked after, they not only become a security threat, they will slow down, and eventually, things will stop working. With our WordPress Maintenance Plan, we’ll make sure your website stays fast, secure and up-to-date with the latest WordPress features.

Successful websites evolve. Even when your brand-new website is up and working well, the job is not finished. There’s always maintenance work to be done for updates, search engine optimisation, performance and security.

“Focus on what you do best — running your business — and leave your WordPress maintenance and upgrades to us.

We’re keeping your website, plugins, and theme in tip-top shape with our WordPress Maintenance Plan.

What’s included

  • WordPress core updates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Premium (licensed) plugins use (excluding project-specific plugins)
  • Security hardening
  • Website performance improvements
  • Website speed optimisation
  • Spam cleaning
  • Database optimisation
  • Functionality testing (making sure elements like checkouts and contact forms are working)