2 July 2014 | Studio News

What’s Good Websites been up to? – June 2014

Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been busy with in the month of June.


Another responsive websites has gone live!


The responsive WordPress website for Wealleans. We developed the Wealleans website two years ago but due to the ever growing mobile and tablet users we converted the website to a responsive design. Responsive web design means the website adjust depending on the device (screen resolution) it’s being looked at. wealleans.co.nz

screenshot wealleans website

A big hello!

A very big hello to our new client Tauranga Tree Co, if you’re after big trees these are the guys you need to call. WordPress website coming soon!

Sneak Peek

We’ve got quite a few more projects in the pipeline we’re working on. Have a peek.

one page website for Ron Butcher Builders
one page website for Ron Butcher Builders
one page website for Exin Safety Solutions
one page website for Exin Safety Solutions
re-design of the Broxy website
re-design of the Broxy website

From the blog this month

New domain name extensions (TLDs) availability – No longer you’re stuck to companyname.com but how about auckland.plumbing or mountain.bike. Check out the exciting new domain name extensions. We’ll update this post every time new domain names are released (and there are quite a few already).


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