9 June 2016 | Studio News

What we’ve been up to – May 2016

Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been busy with in the month of May.

WordPress upgrades

In May we did 3 WordPress upgrades. A core upgrade to version 4.5 and a Maintenance Release (4.5.1 ) and Security Release (4.5.2).

wordpress 4.5

WordPress 4.5 includes new inline editing features, custom logo support, customizer enhancements and some under the hood changes. As features go, this isn’t the biggest update ever. Don’t expect radical new things. Rather, it has smaller, refined upgrades intended to make customizing websites, editing text, and logging in a bit easier.

What’s new in WordPress 4.5

Up and Running

Tauranga Mount Taxis

Up and running the mobile-friendly One Page website for Tauranga Mount Taxis. taurangataxis.co.nz

screen shot tauranga taxis websites

DM Auto Services

Up and running the WordPress website for DM Auto Services, Tauranga. dmautoservices.nz

screen shot website dm auto services

Sneak Peeks

Check out some awesome projects we’re working on.

website design Shooter Ready
Working on the website design for Shooter Ready
website design Alloy Cats
Working on the website re-design for Shooter Ready
website design Pure Images
Working on the website re-design for Pure Images
website design Right Choice Builders
Working on the website design for Right Choice Builders
peek dm autoservices
Working on the website design for DM Auto Services


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