9 October 2021 | Studio News

What we’ve been up to – September 2021

Here’s a little recap of some of our web design projects in the months of August and September.

WordPress Updates

As always we’ve kept our clients installs up to date and secure. All our client’s WordPress websites are now running the latest WordPress version 5.8.1.

wordpress logo

Up and Running

Transmission & Component Rebuilding Center

Up and running the One-page website for Transmission & Component Rebuilding Center – Transmission Rebuilding & Gear Repair Specialist Tauranga.

up and running the one page website for Transmission Rebuilding

Sneak Peeks

Check out some awesome projects we’re working on.

A one-page web design we are currently working on for Brent Henry Real Estate.

one page website sneak peek for Brent Henry

A redesign we’re currently working on for Exin Safety Solutions.

WordPress web design for Exin

A web design we are currently working on for XLerated Assets.

web design sneak peek XL Assets

Loving this very minimal web design for Eastwood Kitchens.

minimal web design sneak peek

Another great WordPress project we’re currently working on is the website redesign for First Homes. After done their first website about 5 years ago it was time for a complete refresh.

new web design for First Homes

Mailchimp Newsletters

Another beautiful monthly Mailchimp newsletter for our client Infocus.

mailchimp newsletter for infocus

When done correctly, email marketing can be a highly effective way to communicate and stay in touch with customers and should be a staple of any small business marketing strategy.

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