4 July 2024 | Studio News

What we’ve been up to June 2024

Here’s a recap of our exciting web design projects of June this year.

WordPress Updates

Our WordPress Maintenance Plan keeps our clients’ installs up-to-date and secure. All our clients’ WordPress websites run the latest 6.5.5 version, guaranteeing they’re safe, fast, and reliable.

wordpress logo

A big hello

We’re delighted to welcome two new clients: Rent With BB and Kingi Crete Australia.

Sneak Peeks

We have some exciting web design projects in the pipeline.

Tauranga Landscaping

The new website design for Tauranga Landscaping. Stay tuned for their brand-new website.

web design preview

Paint Wise

We’re hard at work crafting a stunning one-page website for Paint Wise.

one-page web design preview


We’ve been busy making some updates to various websites.

Progressive Automotive

✨ We’ve added a new hero image and ZIP pay section to the Progressive Automotive one-page website.

one-page website tweak

Kingi Crete

We’re working on the wireframes for the new Kingi Crete Australia website, getting the foundation right. Wireframes are the blueprints for our web design projects 🌐✨ We’re putting in the work to ensure a solid foundation for a new website.

web design wireframes

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