6 February 2016 | Studio News

What’s Good Websites been up to? – December 2015 / January 2016

Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been busy with in the months of December and January.

A big hello

A big welcome to our new client Papamoa Beach Family Practice (Papamoa, New Zealand) and Shooter Ready (Cambridge, New Zealand).

WordPress 4.4 core upgrade

WordPress 4.4, “Clifford”, has been released. Version 4.4 includes the new Twenty Sixteen default theme, the ability to embed posts anywhere and responsive images straight out of the box, as well as the infrastructure for the WordPress REST API, taxonomy and comment improvements, and much mores

Check out the post: What’s new in WordPress 4.4.

wordpress 4.4

PHP 5.6 server upgrade

We’ve updated all our client websites to PHP5.6

  • PHP 5.3 has already been End-Of-Lifed, which means the product is no longer receiving security updates from the developers at PHP.net.
  • PHP 5.4 will EOL later this year (2015).
  • PHP 5.5 was the previous version our websites we’re running on.
  • PHP 5.6 the default version for Good Websites, well tested, stable, and has been in production since August 2014.

Up and Running

Spray Calibration NZ

Up and running the mobile-friendly One Page website for Spray Calibration.

One Page website for Spray Calibration NZ

New Zealand Motel Sales

Up and running the re-designed and mobile-friendly WordPress website for Gordon Fridge – NZ Motel Sales.

WordPress website for nzmotelsales.co.nz

Elite Limousines

Up and running the re-designed and mobile-friendly WordPress website for Elite Liumousines.

WordPress website for Elite Limousines

Sneak Peeks

Check out some awesome projects we’re working on.

website design for Infocus
website design for Infocus
One page website design for Tauranga Tour Guide
One page website design for Tauranga Tour Guide
Website design for CG Law
Website design for CG Law

Other news you should know

Google is launching a brand new feature to all local businesses. Businesses can now add their own holiday hours to their Google My Business listing that will revert back to the regular hours after the holiday. Read more

Google fact – Google handles over 3 billion searches per day.

WordPress 25% internet market share. Seventy-Five to Go

Firefox browser is now on iOS!

If you head over to Google+ today, you’ll see that things look a little different.

In a video game, when you shoot enemy bases or connect a row of like-colored objects, they don’t quietly fade from the screen. If they game is any good, they explode. What Twitter’s New Fav Button Does to Your Brain.

While Bing has been showing when sites are mobile friendly, they haven’t had a tool for webmasters wanting to test their sites… until now.

At State of Search, Gary Illyes from Google talked about the importance of AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages and how it would become more important in 2016.  Now Google has announced that AMP pages are coming to Google Search next year.

Most often, people are looking for a “magic button” to “catapult” them in the rankings.
“Sorry folks, that button doesn’t exist.”

Since Tuesday, 12th of January, Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 are set to retire and reach end of life. Thus, after January 12, Internet Explorer’s older versions, such as 8, 9 and 10, will no longer be supported, and will not receive security updates or other patches. Users that might still be on the older versions of IE will be asked to upgrade to a newer version, such as Internet Explorer 11.

Twitter boss hints at changing the 140-character limit.

You should ask “how many visitors you helped” not “how many visitors you had today.”

Good Read: Understanding Google Panda: Definitive Algo Guide for SEOs



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