2 November 2013 | Studio News

Page Speed Optimisation

This month we moved all our Good Websites hosted domains/websites to a brand new hosting server and enabled Page Speed Optimisation for even faster download speed.

Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization is a tool that reduces website loading times by automatically optimising web pages and resources on them. It is an apache module, mod_pagespeed, from Google.

It does several things to improve the page speed. For example, it minimizes the CSS files, drops all the comments and unnecessary white spaces from your HTML/PHP pages and it reduces the size of images by stripping metadata among other things.

website page speed

Why all the trouble?

  • faster websites means a better user experience and thus happier readers/more conversions
  • faster download/optimised websites getting more important with increase the use of tablets and smartphones
  • page speed is an important ranking factor for the Google searches.  A better optimised page will help deliver better rankings.

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