5 September 2012 | Website Marketing

New domain name extension for New Zealand: .KIWI.NZ

.KIWI.NZ here 10am, 11th September!

A new uniquely New Zealand Domain Name extension .KIWI.NZ opens for provisional registrations on a first in, first served basis at 10am, 11th September 2012.

How about:


What is a provisional registration?

InternetNZ has approved the new .kiwi.nz domain name extension, but in order for it to go really ‘live’ it needs to reach 500 provisional registrations within a month. Therefore, registrations will be a provisional registration and initially registered for only 1 month.

A provisional registration means it’s registered to you, but it’s not an active domain name. As soon as 500 domains are reached, the new extension will go live and the provisional registrations will turn into a proper live registration.

update 31 October 2012

Following the opening of the provisional registration period, 2,116 domain names were
registered within the first hour – well over the required threshold of 500 registrations in a month – and 5,121 in the first day. Over the month of September a total of 7,163 .kiwi.nz domain names were registered.

Check for the full list of NZ domain names registrations our post:
Domain Name Extensions in New Zealand

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