24 June 2010 | Website Marketing

the .CO domain name is coming!

.CO is a new domain extension that offers a new chance in branding your online presence with a global, recognisable, and credible domain name.


Will .CO be the new .COM?

I really don’t know… associated globally with the words ‘Company’, ‘Corporation’ and ‘Commerce’ – the .CO domain is easy to recognise, simple to remember and flexible to use. Anyway – don’t miss out on this opportunity to grab your .CO domain!

Ready for Launch

.CO will be launched through a familiar process for domain names.

The so called Global Sunrise launch took place from 26 April to 10 June 2010, allowing trademark holders to apply for the .CO domain names.

Landrush took place from 21 June to 14 July 2010, open to anyone interested in registering certain high priority domain names.

General availability (now on!) will begin on 20 July 2010, opening the .CO domain for registrations on a first-come, first-served basis around the world.

So where is .CO coming from?

.CO is officially the country-code domain for Colombia. Once only limited to Colombian companies, .CO will become available to use across the globe. The Colombian move is similar as the opening up of the .TV country-code domain by Tuvalu or .FM country-code domain by Federated States of Micronesia.


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