6 April 2010 | Website Marketing

Domain Name Extensions in New Zealand

At the moment there are 16 domain name extensions available in New Zealand.


the latest domain name extension – the shorter version of .co.nz
134,154 active domains


commercial – the mostly used but officially meant for commercial organisations
506,565 active domains


officially meant for organisations directly related to the NZ Internet but nowadays a good second choice when the .co.nz extension is already taken
23,458 active domains


not-for-profit organisations
27,533 active domains


more ‘funky’ alternative for the .co.nz extension. Although there is a .kiwi (without the .nz) extension as well.
4,450 active domains


schools – primary, secondary and pre-schools and related organisations
3,620 active domains


academic – tertiary educational institutions and related organisations
2,353 active domains


general – individuals/organisations not covered elsewhere
1,060 active domains


geeks – computer freaks
944 active domains


government – national, regional and local government organisations. A moderated domain name.
1,057 active domains


Māori people, groups, and organisations
881 active domains


registered practitioners and organisations providing health and disability services
256 active domains


traditional Māori tribe. A moderated domain name.
105 active domains


military organisations of the NZ Government. A moderated domain name.
34 active domains


Crown Research Institutes. A moderated domain name.
7 active domains


agencies and individuals who are part of the parliamentary system. A moderated domain name.
11 active domains

Five domain name extensions are moderated (restricted): .cri.nz, .govt.nz, .iwi.nz, .mil.nz and .parliament.nz meaning that applicants need to meet specific additional criteria before they can be registered.

Active domain counts as per March 2018 (source dnc)

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