15 April 2014 | Website Marketing

Introducing .KIWI

Over 50 new top-level domain name extensions have already been released this year with the most popular so far being .GURU, .PHOTOGRAPHY. and .TECHNOLOGY. But there’s a new extension about to release and it’s got a uniquely New Zealand flare to it.

Make your mark on the world with .KIWI

Your company website could be www.companyname.kiwi or your family email address could be you@familyname.kiwi


What you should know about the .KIWI domain

The Dot Kiwi Registry is 100% New Zealand owned and operated

The .KIWI domain extension is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) which will be released by the Dot Kiwi Registry as one of the many new domain extensions.

The Dot Kiwi Registry is different from the DNC (Domain Name Commissioner) who controls the .co.nz, .net.nz, etc domain names and who is planning to release the .nz domain name extension later in 2014. They are actually competing each other.

Anyone can register a .kiwi domain name (it’s not restricted to New Zealanders).

Pre-registrations for .KIWI are available now until 1st May 2014.

.KIWI becomes available for general registration on 1st May 2014 on a first in, first served basis.

Any questions?

As always feel free to drop any questions as a comment below and we’re happy to answer them.

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