10 February 2014 | Website Marketing

The .nz domain is coming!

InternetNZ has recently approved to allow .nz domain name registrations directly at the second level. This means that it will be soon possible to register just domainname.nz (notice the .co is missing).

Read our updated post: The new .nz domain – What you need to know.

companyname.nz domain name

Already got a .co.nz domain?

Registration at the second level won’t be a free-for-all so don’t worry about getting in first or losing the opportunity to get your .nz domain name. If you already have a domain name in the third level (.co.nz, .kiwi.nz, net.nz etc and had it registered before 30 May 2012), you’ll automatically qualify for the domain in the second level (.nz). If there are Competing Registrations, for example you have the .co.nz and someone else has the .net.nz then there is a different process.

Hold on to your current domain name!

We suggest that you don’t drop your current third level domain name with a plan to get it in the second level when it becomes available. If someone else registers the domain in the third level in the meantime then they will be entitled to the name in the second level when they are released.

What will happen to existing second level domains?

Nothing will happen to your existing domain name and you can continue to use it as you always have, and you’ll still be able to register new domain names in second level categories like .co.nz and .org.nz.

How to register your .nz domain?

During the Sunrise Period (the pre-sale period – which still has to be outlined in the final policy) you’ll be able to either:

  • register your .nz domain name, or
  • reserve it for free for two years.
    If you reserve it, no one else will be able to register it for this period and the name cannot be used.

Important: If you don’t register or reserve your domain name by the time the Sunrise Period ends, others may be able to register your .nz domain name directly at the second level. With the exception of names held by Competing Registrants, all available names can be registered after the Sunrise Period on a first come, first-served basis

Many of the details (like the Sunrise Period, implementation of registrations, and other processes for introducing this change) are still being worked out and will be confirmed in early 2014.

Any questions?

As always feel free to drop any questions as a comment below and we’re happy to answer them.

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