2 April 2015 | Website Marketing

Google’s giving ‘mobile-friendly’ websites priority in mobile searches

Google officially announced they are due to release a mobile ranking algorithm update this month. What this means is that mobile-friendly websites will be given a higher ranking within search results conducted on a mobile device.

A Significant Change

When making the announcement, Google said they expect this to be a significant change. With 50% of all Google searches coming from a mobile device we think so too.

The update is due to be released on 21st April 2015.

Applied globally, this new algorithm update will affect mobile searches in all countries, across all languages, at the same time.

Note: This mobile-friendly update only affects mobile search results (i.e. searches from your smartphone or tablet). The update doesn’t apply to Google searches from desktops or laptops.

Real-time and Page by Page

Following this update, Google will review websites in real-time meaning that once your website is updated to a responsive web design you can expect to benefit from the improved mobile ranking straight away.

Working page by page, Google will identify each separate page of your website to identify which are mobile friendly and which are not. Unfriendly pages will not cause your entire website to be marked as mobile unfriendly.

Mobile-friendly Label

Google has the mobile friendly ball rolling already. To let mobile searchers know which websites are mobile friendly they have added a mobile-friendly label under the URL.

Google's mobile friendly label

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