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Up-sell, Related and Cross-sell products | Magento

With your Magento online store, we’ve got a variety of product presentations to promote, up-sell and cross-sell products.

Up-sell Products

Up-sell products are items that your customer could buy instead of the product that he is viewing. These products may be of a better quality, more expensive, be more popular or produce a higher profit margin. The Up-sell products are displayed under the product description on the products page. Even if you can’t think of any up-sell products it’s a great way to promote some random other articles. So make sure you’ve selected some up-sell products!

up sell products

Related Products

Related products are products which can be purchased in addition to the item the customer is viewing. Related products are mostly displayed in the right column of your online store.

related products

Cross-sell Products

Cross-sell products appear on the shopping cart page. These products are displayed as cross-sells to the items already in the shopping cart. Think of them as the impulse buys we do, like the magazines and Mars bars while filling up the car.

cross sell products

Where to find in the back-end?

Log into your Magento back-end. Navigate to Catalog > Manage Products. Create a new product or select existing one, and simply hit the resp. Related Products, Up-sells and Cross-sells tab.

backend up-sell cross-sell and related products

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  1. Simba,

    Thanks, was curious what the difference between cross and up sell was. Nice post.

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