Essential online NZ directories to submit your website to

Last updated: 31 January 2024

Submitting your website to online directories is a good way to get more traffic to your website (but don’t expect too much). Another reason (and maybe a better one) is to get the much-needed links (link juice) to your website.

Despite the fact that not all directories in this list pass the so-called ‘link juice’ to your website they are still worth submitting your website to.

Finda. You need to register to submit your site. Free & Paid listings. Unfortunately, the link for free listings is nofollow but Finda used to be (not sure if it still is) a Google Content Provider so definitely worth submitting your website to. The submission isn't entirely error-free. The last time we did add a listing it took us a few times to get it listed. Perseverance is the key here ;-)

NZSearch. Nothing flash. Links are via a redirect so may not pass link juice. But even the category pages have PageRank so definitely worth submitting.

Hot Frog. You need to register to submit your website. Links are follow (so pass link juice).

Fyple. The link is no-follow (no link juice here) but the listing is quite extensive with location, open hours and a photo gallery. You must register in order to add a business listing.

Yalwa. You must register in order to add our business listing. Links are no-follow.

NZ Business Directory. Very simple submission. No login or registering is needed. And, it even looks like the links pass on link-juice ;-)

Zenbu. Anyone is welcome to add information or add businesses. You need to register first though.

neighbourly. Simply sign-up for the free Basic listing.

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  1. Kevin,

    Wow thanks for the suggestions this helps a lot if they are the best directories to use @whatiskevupto

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