super easy inserting videos into your WordPress site

It’s super easy to insert videos into your WordPress site.

Simply post the URL to the video into the page or post content area. Make sure that the URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable when viewing the post).

For example:

Check out this cool video:

That was a cool video.

WordPress will automatically turn that into a YouTube embed. In case it fails to embed the video there will be a link to the URL. This will work not only with video but also with other content like photos from Flickr etc.

Can you use any URL?

Not by default. For security reasons we only embed URLs matching an internal whitelist:

Service Embed Type
Animoto Videos
Blip Videos
CollegeHumor Videos
DailyMotion Videos
Flickr Videos & Images Videos
Hulu Videos
Imgur Images
Instagram Images
iSnare Articles
Issuu Documents Various
EmbedArticles Various
kickstarter Various
Mixcloud Music
Photobucket Images
PollDaddy Polls & Surveys
Rdio Music
Revision3 TV shows
Scribd Documents
SlideShare Presentation slideshows
SmugMug Various
SoundCloud Music
Spotify Music
TED Videos
Tumblr Social media
Twitter Social media
Vimeo Video
Vine Video Videos
YouTube Videos


YouTube link is showing as plan text
Make sure if you’re uploading your video to YouTube you don’t disable embedding as this will result in WordPress not being able to do his embed trick.

admin setting: check the ‘Auto-embeds’ check box in Admin > Settings > Media SubPanel. Leaving the width value for Embeds blank, embeds will default to the max width of your theme (set in the ‘content_width’ in function.php).

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