Design Questionnaire

Just some simple questions to help give us an indication as to what kind of design you are looking for in your new website.

Please take your time and fill in the form in as much detail as you can. If a question doesn’t apply to you then just skip onto the next. The more details you can provide the better.

The basics

website design info

eg. fresh, lively, conservative, energetic, etc…
Please provide some websites that you like and why they are attractive to you?
Please provide some websites that you don’t like. Why do you not like these websites?
Please provide a list of competitors’ websites.
Do you have existing business cards or other printed material we need to match?
eg. easy to look at, edgy/grungy/distressed, classic/traditional, crisp, modern, professional, friendly, funky, prestigious, corporate, trustworthy, innovative, bright & bold, calming, elegant, clean/minimal, organic, dark, warmth, affordable/cheap
Is this different than the current (offline) company’s look and feel?

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Additional Notes / Comments

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