a new name: Good Websites

new name: Good Websites

Yep, after 1½ year building great websites I’ve made a name change from my funky, but rather mysterious (and probably hard to remember) name on6162.co.nz to:

Good Websites

Why? Well, despite on6162.co.nz had a really nice story behind its name it doesn’t say what I’m actually doing: building damn good websites!

Good Websites, it’s positive, easy to remember and simply says what I do.

Same guy, same skills, same service, same everything – now with a good name.

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  1. Gloria Selkirk,

    Hello Erwin

    A much better name – I can’t remember the name of your other one.
    have a good Christmas Thank you for putting me on the web this year!


  2. Jock,

    on6162.co.nz meant something to you but since we don’t all own old Toyota’s it was very hard to remember. Good luck with this; it must make your business easier to market.


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